Jan. 20, 2017

sticky false-asphodel, Triantha glutinosa

These little flowers, one centimeter or less across, grow in the wettest parts of shores, bogs and fens. I picked it today because I was once again down in the mud for this image. And because I just realized I have a problem. I sold the old Mercury. That was the car designated to bring Bob home when he's muddy and buggy. No one else drove it. I may have to get a hazmat suit if I'm going to be allowed in the other cars! Or I could stop getting muddy and buggy - not! Should be an interesting season. False-asphodel grows in AK, CT, GA, IL(T), IN(R), MD, ME, MI, MN, NC, ND, NH(T), NY(E), OH(T), OR, TN, VA, VT(T), WI(T), WV, and northward except for PE and GL. Ives Fen Preserve, Lenawee Co MI, 6/28/11