Feb. 10, 2017

snow-on-the-mountain, Euphorbia marginata

Paul just asked about the status of this in Michigan, and I was inspired to answer here. It was introduced from farther west. Spurges are not my favorite genus of plants. I ended up at the emergency room after playing bridge one night. My host had a house plant in this genus. I picked a branch, wrapped it up and put it in my pocket. Later my eyes started to burn. I must have rubbed them and gotten some poisonous sap in them. Worse yet, I did it twice! Last year I apparently pulled some spurge while weeding my garden. Back to the ER again. I guess the jury will be out for the rest of my life on the question of whether I've learned anything yet. This plant of dry open areas grows in every state except ID, ME, OR, VT, and WA, and in ON, QC, and SK. Beal Gardens, Michigan State University, 7/26/12