Mar. 6, 2017

upland white goldenrod, Solidago ptarmicoides

This image is from a botany club foray to the Keweenaw Peninsula. I was with Dr. Tony Reznicek from the University of Michigan when I saw this. I almost asked which aster it was. But earlier I had asked about a cottongrass that turned out to be an alpine bulrush. So at the last second I just asked, "What is it?" Good thing! It doesn't really look much like a goldenrod, does it? The flower heads are about 3/8 inch across. It grows in open sandy or rocky areas in AR, CO, CT(E), GA, IA, IL, IN(R), MA(E), MI, MN, MO, MT, NC(E), ND, NH(E), NY, OH(X), OK, SC, SD, TN(E), VT, WI, WY, MB, NB, ON, QC, and SK. Keweenaw Co MI, 7/12/14