Mar. 13, 2017

shaggy blazing star, Liatris elegantula

Comcast apologizes for the delay today. This is coming to you from the Adrian Senior Center. One of my hopes for this website was that I would hear about more good places to go to see flowers. Of course that was already happening as I made various contacts. When I was corresponding with Linda Chafin about her Georgia wildflower book, she recommended the Doerun Pitcher Plant Preserve. It is a great place! Even better, the hydrology makes it a southern version of Ives Fen. This was one of the first blazing stars I saw on that trip. That drive virtually became a blazing star tour. October is the time to see them in the south. This one grows in piney woods and openings in AL, FL, GA, and MS. Colquit Co GA, 10/19/15