Mar. 14, 2017

buffalo-bur, Solanum rostratum

Back on line! Buffalo-bur flowers are about an inch across. A flowering plant will be densely covered and very attractive. It was easy to spot this along the road. Most plants in this genus, for example tomato and eggplant, have berries. This one has developed spines on its fruit, and uses a different seed dispersal than its animal ingested relatives. Who could blame it! Buffalo-bur never stays long in any place, pulling up roots and moving at the end of each season. Buffalo-bur becomes a tumbleweed, scattering its seeds when the dried berries split open. It's native to western prairies, and has spread eastward in man made open areas. It now appears in every state except FL and HI, and in AB, BC, MB, ON, PE, QC, and SK. Lenawee Co MI, 8/10/11