Apr. 2, 2017

red hawksbeard, Crepis rubra

This alien is not invasive, at least by itself. But it has a great many allies. Red hawksbeard is known in the wild only in Marin County, California. But that area of California is a beachhead for the invasion. There may be nowhere else in the country with so many different species of invaders. Unlike my great grandfather, who returned from the gold rush with just an abalone shell, these guys have put down roots. Eucalyptus from Australia, burdock from China, calla lilies and Bermuda buttercups from Africa, or red hawksbeard from Europe, the aliens have landed. In their sheer diversity, they are a problem. So like my grandfather the preacher, I will say be very careful what friends you cultivate. Your garden may be the next beachhead in the invasion. Beal Gardens, MSU, 8/13/13