May. 26, 2017

Keweenaw rockrose, Chamaerhodos nuttallii

I'm leaving shortly for a trip to the Upper Peninsula with the Michigan Botany Club. It reminded me of this one from a previous foray. It is the anti close up. Tony was going to show us where it grows, and mentioned the cliffs. I asked if we needed a rope, and was told no. Well, maybe he didn't! Beyond that last rock was little but air. And the loose rocks slope downward! This was taken with a telephoto as I awkwardly clung to a small juniper. Ever since my young daughter leaned over the rail of the Royal Gorge bridge, I've had issues with places like this. Sometimes I even react to seeing Wiley Coyote go off the edge. Thanks, Tony and Jenny!
This rockrose grows in AK, CO, MI(E), MN, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY, AB, BC, MB, NT, ON, SK, and YT.
Keweenaw Co MI, 7/12/14.