Jul. 8, 2017

Cape gooseberry, Physalis peruviana

Cape gooseberry is a glitch in several ways. It's been cultivated in South Africa for so long, since at least the early 1800s, it ends up being named after the Cape of Good Hope. It is originally from western South America. It's not related to the original gooseberries. And it was grown this year in Beal Gardens at Michigan State University as tomatillo, a related plant. I was delighted to take advantage of the error to get a new image. In apology for posting their glitch, I will spend the next week sharing the rest of that visit. Cape gooseberries are marketed, sometimes as goldenberries or physalis. They have now been reported wild from AL, AR, CA, HI, KY, NJ, and NY. Beal Gardens, MSU, 7/1/17.