Jul. 25, 2017

lanceleaf tickseed, Coreopsis lanceolata

From tickseed-sunflowers to tickseeds. Botanically, it's a short trip. Bidens and Coreopsis are closely related. They share the trait of having rough awned seeds that can grab your clothes. Except that with many species of Coreopsis, the awns fall off in development. This seems to be a fortunate trait with this species. I doubt that it would be so popular in gardens if it was still actively a bur. This image was from Grand Island, looking toward Lake Superior. Lanceleaf coreopsis now occurs in every state except AK, AZ, ID, MT, ND, NV, SD, UT, and is also in BC and ON. Alger Co MI, 7/14/14. Anne, thank you for the request.