Jul. 26, 2017

old-man-of-the-mountain, Tetraneuris grandiflora

An old man on the mountain taking a picture of an old-man-of-the-mountain. Maybe it was just the wind, but this one seemed to call to me. This was an immature one, so perhaps it was two younger old men on the mountain (he says hopefully)? Someone here says I need one called old man in the swamp! These flowers can be close to three inches, and are probably the largest alpine flowers in the area. Very vigorous old men! And an old man's gripe about common names. This is the one I first knew years ago. But bearded four-nerve-daisy is now in use. We seem to have a trend to more precise, often-translated-from-the-Latin common names. It often seems to me that the old ones have more appeal. Old-man grows in alpine meadows in CO, ID, MT, UT, and WY. Mt. Evans National Park, Clear Creek Co CO, 7/18/13.