Aug. 3, 2017

fivenerve sunflower, Helianthella quinquenervis

Going south, I saw a new plant in the black-eyed susan genus. But it wasn't, it was a sunflower. Out west, I saw a new sunflower. But it wasn't. It was in a different genus. I always tend to jump right in when I see something new, and think I'm well on my way to identifying it. In an area with more than 20,000 species, this sure gets me off on the wrong track sometimes. This plant is often called helianthella, just so we know it isn't really a sunflower. But that doesn't really seem like a common name. Photographically, all these sunflowerish things look a lot alike. I was glad to have a low morning sun to backlight this one, and give it a different look. It grows in AZ, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, SD, UT, and WY. Montrose Co CO, 6/21/13.