Sep. 24, 2017

redseed dandelion, Taraxacum erythrospermum

We can't get up off the lawn before we take a look at a dandelion. In this case I was down on a lawn in Brooklyn while Barb was shopping. These are not tiny flowers, but they have small details that are worth a look. Redseed dandelions are as widespread, if not quite as common as their common dandelion kin. There are several subtle differences. The easiest way to tell them apart is the small bumps just below the tips of the bracts on the flower head. This image of the stamens and pistils may reveal that they are longer and darker than the other lawn species, but I'm not sure that holds up. Redseed has been reported from every state except NV, and every province except LB, NF, and NU. It's also in its native Europe, and Mexico. Jackson Co MI, 5/6/10.