Sep. 25, 2017

fringed gentian, Gentianopsis crinita

This one's for Sam. We're both part of a crew that volunteers at Ives Fen. At this time of the year we see lesser fringed gentians in bloom throughout the fen. This is the other species, doing the same thing at Kitty Todd Preserve in Ohio. A large plant may be more than two feet, and have dozens of these fanciful flowers. They are about an inch and a half long. This species grows in CT, DE, GA(T), IA, IL, IN, MA, MD(E), ME, MI, MN, NC(E), ND, NH(T), NJ, NY(V), OH, PA, RI(T), TN, VA, VT, WI, WV, MB, ON, and QC(L). Lucas Co OH, 9/24/23.