Dec. 1, 2017

autumn olive, Elaeagnus umbellata

I can hardly tell you how much I HATE AUTUMN OLIVE!!! I recently dove 40 miles to another city, and there was nowhere along the way that I couldn't see it.These shrubs can grow to nearly 20 feet, and choke out everything around them. The flowers are about 1/2 inch, and smell a little like dandelions. The copious berries are edible, and the seeds freely spread by wildlife. In my down moments, I picture the continent choked by autumn olive in a couple of decades. In my up moments I picture the continent choked by autumn olive. We better start cutting, and stop planting. It's still being sold in the west! So far reported everywhere except AK, AZ, CA(I don't believe it), CO, MT, ND, NM, NV, OK, SD, TX, UT, and WY, and in ON. Cheboygan Co MI, 5/27/12.