Feb. 10, 2018

Carolina cranesbill, Geranium carolinianum

These little geranium flowers are about a quarter inch across. There are a lot of Geraniums in the world, and they don't all have larger showy flowers like the one we commonly call a common geranium. Mr. Smarty Pants at the Lady Bird Johnson National Wildflower Center says Carolina cranesbill is one of our most common native wildflowers. One reason is that it has adapted well to disturbance. For example, it is an early arrival in newly open ground where we've removed alien shrub thickets at Ives Preserve. So here we are, once again down on the ground getting close to and admiring a little weed. But this time it's one of our own. Carolina cranesbill is reported from every state except AK, CO, and HI, and in AB, BC, MB, ON, QC, and SK. I bet its lurking around CO somewhere. Lenawee Co MI, 5/26/14.