Feb. 11, 2018

goosefoot cornsalad, Velarianella chenopodifolia

Goosefoot cornsalad; an accident waiting to happen. When I saw this go by early on the morning of that trip, I had to stop. It was the first cornsalad I had ever seen. I didn't take the time to change to my boots. I tromped around the damp and dewy spot and got to see this and some other good stuff. Fast forward. I'm in town at a red light, wiggling my wet feet. My foot slips off the brake, and I nudge the van ahead of me. No damage except a crease in my sentimental Colorado front plate. But the cable guy says his company's policy is that if anything happens, call the cops. The cop says that the city policy is if you go out, you write a ticket. So I get a ticket ($100!), and a warning for an illegal front plate (only in Ohio). But I got my picture of cornsalad. These little 1/8 inch flowers grow in damp areas in IL(E), IN(E), KY, MD(E), MI(T), NJ, NY(E), OH, PA, WI, WV, and ON. Hocking Co OH, 5/16/13.