Mar. 4, 2018

beach moonflower, Ipomoea violacea

I was driving, mostly in the dark, from Winter Haven to the Everglades. Shortly after dawn I spotted this beauty along the road. It is doubly rewarding. It was a delight to shoot in the early morning dew. And it is a puzzle I'm still not sure I've solved. In my Florida plant book, this keys to I. violacea. Other sources say I. violacea, despite its name, only has white flowers. They would call this I. tricolor, grannyvine. Either way, the plant contains hallucinogens. Maybe when they named beach moonflowers 'violacea' they were high? Looking at this while high might be quite a trip! I think I'll stick to driving in the dark. This grows around the world in the tropics, here in FL, HI, and TX. Miami-Dade Co FL, 3/20/16.