Apr. 18, 2018

century plant, Agave americana

Those of us that don't live in the southwest don't see century plants in bloom very often. When the habitat you visit only has one of them under the dome, it can be a long wait. Fortunately, gardeners are very patient and serene people. I think this one was planted in the 1960's. There are other challenges. The glass panes above had to be removed. Fortunately there were branches inside that could be telephotoed. Hidden Lake Gardens now has another species sending up a spike. They hope it blooms before it reaches the non-removable ceiling. Not going to happen! Century plants are native in AZ, CA, NM, TX, and Mexico. They've become established in the wild in FL, HI, LA, South America, the West Indies, around the Mediterranean, elsewhere in Africa, India, China, Thailand, and Australia.
Matthaei Gardens, University of Michigan, 7/15/14.