May. 9, 2018

iceplant, Carpobrotus edulis

Iceplant can be any of a number of plants in family Aizoaceae. This one is also called Hottentot fig, after the small fig-like fruit. This begins a series of images of plants in families we've not yet looked at. Some, like this, are invasives that we would be better not seeing firsthand. This South African native has become a serious problem, mostly in coastal areas around the tropical world. It can form large monoculture colonies of very heavy succulent foliage that are seriously hard to remove. It is so heavy that hillside colonies can contribute to landslides. It's another of those wonderful imported plants that were used to cover disturbed areas, that we now regret. Still seeing iceplants for sale at the nursury? We sure are slow! Iceplant can now be seen in CA and FL. Hidden Lake Gardens, Lenawee Co MI, 5/5/14.