Aug. 4, 2018

coastal plain St. John's-wort, Hypericum brachyphyllum

You don't have to go to the natural stuff store to find St. John's-wort. They catch your eye from a distance almost anywhere you go in their season. That's really handy for a wildflower nut who likes to drive along with one eye on the roadside, looking for the next opportunity. Coastal plain is one of the best species for this. When you see a patch of short yellow shrubs along a southern highway, stop! You're likely to see all sorts of wonderful stuff. These grow in perfect wildflower-nut habitat. Right at the edge of damp ground. You can see flowers that like the wet, flowers that like the dry, and a bunch of stuff in between. Ecologists speak of plants that are indicators, letting us know when we're in particular habitats. These are indicators of fun. Coastal plain St. John's-wort grows in AL, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, and SC. Lowndes Co GA, 7/7/18.