Aug. 15, 2018

ram's-head ladyslipper, Cypripedium arietinum

Things change as you go north. Ram's-head is a nice example. Like its habitat, it's just a little different. Maybe we should call it ice-cream-cone flower. The shape of the lip, and the temperatures of its home fit that name. Ram's-head is a little smaller and a little harder to find than the more familiar species. Here, it's most easily seen near northern Great Lakes shores where the dunes meet the conifers. Ram's-head grows in CT(X), MA(E), ME(E), MI(SC), MN(T), NH(E), NY(T), VT(T), WI(T), MB(R), NS(E), ON(R), QC(L), and SK. Wilderness State Park, Emmet Co MI, 6/1/11.