Aug. 28, 2018

rush skeletonweed, Chondrilla juncea

The other day I went out to Ives Fen Preserve to check out the report of invasive water lettuce and water hyacinth. Upland from that spot these weeds caught my eye. Their long spindly branches were backlit by the sun. The effect was alternating sparkly bits of yellow and white. These flower heads are about a half inch across. They're followed by fuzzy white seed heads. But that afternoon the flowers were already closed for the day. I would have to go back during morning business hours to get a good shot. Then it rained for a couple of days. Skeleton weed doesn't do business in the rain either. Yesterday was the day, in the morning when we were both at out best. Also called gum succory, this Eurasian plant is now known throughout the world's temperate regions. Here they've been found in CA, DE, GA, ID, IL, IN, MD, MI, MT, NJ, NY, OR, PA, VA, WA, WV, WY, BC, and ON. Ives FEn Preserve, 8/27/18.