Sep. 15, 2018

mare's-tail, Hippuris vulgaris

You're a strange one, mare's-tail. And a bit of a grinch. As a wildflower, mare's-tail is pretty much a bust. You can see one of the tiny flowers here if you spot the white pointy things at the lower right. Mare's tail doesn't much resemble other members of its showy family that includes snap dragons and foxgloves. Large patches of its horsetail-like stems are eye catching enough to end up in water gardens and fish tanks. Mare's-tail grows in AK, AZ, CA, CO, IA, ID, IL, IN(X), ME(S), MI, MN, MT, ND, NE, NH(T), NM, NV, NY(E), OR, SD, UT, VT(E), WA, WI, WY, throughout Canada, on GL and SPM, and in a similar zone across Eurasia. Summit Co CO, 6/19/13.