Jan. 9, 2021

savannah milkweed, Asclepias pedicillata

Savannah milkweed. I love milkweeds, so it was exciting to find this fascinatingly different one! I thought I did a careful job shooting, but maybe I was too excited? If there's a little wind, or if I wobble, you get those ghost images around the edges. Damn! That was a thousand miles from here. No reshoots! But wait a minute. Ghosts affect the whole picture. How can the sepal tips be clear? Turns out this is a sharp image. Those ghosts are real live edges on the sepals. Little translucent wings. Back to having a fascinatingly different milkweed. Love milkweeds! Savannah milkweed grows in savannahs of course, in FL, GA, NC, and SC. Wakulla Co FL, 7/8/18. Dogbane family, Apocynaceae.