Nov. 20, 2020

Here's a look at the yellow flowered form of wild radish.  The flowers might also be white.  The author of the Wiki article on this species lumps wild and all cultivated radishes into one species.  Others do not.  Does it matter?  Perhaps only if you need a lable that tells you if you want its roots before you pull them up.

Nov. 18, 2020

This is meadow hawkweed or King Devil.  They sure do look like hawksbeard!

Nov. 14, 2020

Jack-in-the-pulpit is the floral emblem of the Huron Valley Chapter of the Michigan Botany Club.  Now we discover we also have an anthem!  Written around 1983 by Jocelyn Baker, set to the tune of "The Band Plays On".

MBC, SEC, walking along
  As the plants grow on.
We walk through the woods
  And the fields and the bogs
As the plants grow on.
We must not destroy them;
  We want to enjoy them.
We look for them
  All seasons long.
We like to find rare ones
  Endangered and fair ones,
                                                                                  The plants grow on.
The Botanizer. Words by Jocelyn Baker


Nov. 13, 2020
Nov. 13, 2020

So what's the difference?  Do we care?  Of course we do.  That's the way we are.  So false rue-anemone has only one flower on a stem.  Rue anemone most often has a cluster of a few flowers, often three.  Both of these have rounded ends on the leaflets.  Wood anemone may be most like false rue-anemone in general aspect, but has pointed leaflets.  These rue-anemones are pink, but the species most ofter has white flowers.