Jan. 6, 2017


The effects of catnip are notorious among cats.  But they can't help themselves.  They'll sniff it any chance they get.  Twelve steps, attending meetings, or other therapies do not seem to help.  It can also have a slightly soothing effect on humans if consumed as a tea.  Not to mention the entertainment value.  Historically, it has been used to treat a variety of ailments, but has no verifiable results.  It is native to Eurasia, and is a common weed here and in New Zealand.  It most commonly grows on roadsides and in other disturbed areas.  It is not a threat to our native flora.  Before the modern binomial system, this was called Nepeta floribus interupte spicatis pedunculatis.  Linnaeus did us a favor shortening it to Nepeta cataria.