Jan. 12, 2017


Gestalt psychology is an attempt to describe how our minds take a chaotic world and organize it into a useful whole.  In it's famous quote, "The whole is other than the sum of the parts".  Gestalt is now largely outdated as we have developed ever more sophisticated understandings.  To me it is still useful in describing our mind's process of turning blooms into beauty.  I hope to deconstruct that perception, then focus on the parts most important to "the other".  But then we all see differently.  At an art fair, I once had a customer who looked at a picture for a long time, then said he loved the way I used yellow in the picture.  There was no yellow.  He was color blind.  As much as I try to interpret these visions, they won't be seen entirely the same way by any two people. With lilies, however, I suspect we largely agree.  And to digress.  When I edited this, I saw that I had spelled soffisticated wrong.  Maybe I should have left it that way to enliven this pretentious piece.