Jan. 20, 2017


False-asphodel is a good example of the rapid changes that are occurring because of what we learn from DNA sequencing.  Triantha was in the lily family.  The lily family is now often divided into many smaller families.  There are many opinions on just where the dividing lines should be drawn.  Besides the lily family, Triantha may show up in Melanthiaceae, Tofieldiaceae, or Nartheciaceae.  I am not a pro and don't have ready access to an up-to-date botanical library.  So I rely on, in this order, Michigan Flora On Line, Flora of North America, International Plant Name Index, and lastly Wikipedia.  The family placement in those for Triantha, in the same order, is Melanthiaceae, Liliaceae, Liliaceae, and Tofieldiaceae.  For most of you, this is probably too much information.  For people like me it is too little.  But someday soon it will all get settled?