Jan. 29, 2017


Asiatic dayflower was the first digital image for which I was satisfied with the my software efforts.  For me, the photo shopping involved a steep learning curve.  I suspect the curve will end when I do.  An exciting aspect of it is being able to take advantage of the abilities of the editing software when you take the picture.  One challenge for the closeup photograper is depth of field.  It is tricky to get sharp images all the way from the front to the back of a subject.  The convenient cropping you can do while editing helps with this.  When taking the picture you can do it from farther away, which increases depth.  It also puts a premium on sharpness, and you must be very aware of factors that affect pixel count.  The first dayflower image is shown here.  I replaced it because the left petal is not sharp, the light is a little too glaring, and the white petal cannot be well seen.  So, exciting for me, relegated to the blog page for you.