Feb. 11, 2017


I was once asked how the dark backgrounds happen.  In this case, I owe a big thank you to the unknown person who stood there casting a shadow until I was done.  Shadows have a lot to do with it, and I often carry something I can use for that purpose.  A piece of dark cloth hung on sticks works well in the wild.  

I think Venus flytraps' traps are interesting.  When a bug hits one of the hairs inside the trap, it gets ready to spring.  But it only closes when tripped a second time within a few seconds.  Additional hits on the hairs are needed to trigger release of the digestive enzymes.  This makes them more efficient than me.  My mouth starts to water before my food is on the plate.  This prevents too many false trips.  The species name miscipula is Latin for mousetrap.  The plant has also been called tippity twitchit.