Feb. 16, 2017


Climbing or prairie rose was once listed as a special concern species in Michigan.  It is one of 73 plant species dropped from the listings over the years.  Many of those, including this one, were dropped because they are more common than previously known.  Listing plants can stimulate interest, resulting in more reporting, and sometimes delisting.  Of course, there needs to be someone to recieve that information and recommend changes.  In MIchigan that is the Natural Features Inventory office.  There have been efforts by political forces unintersted in conservation to defund the MNFI. The law establishing MNFI requires that the list be reviewed every three years.  The last review was in 2009.  Again, I suspect politics has intervened.  MNFI's survival is due in large part to the Nature Conservancy and Michigan State Universiy.

 The picture here is of an individual with flowers that did not fade.