Apr. 5, 2017


Lantana comes in shades of purple, red, orange, yellow and white.  A single head of flowers may contain a combination of any of those, or be all one color.  Even individual flowers can combine these colors, and change as they age.  The orange to yellow flowers here are the most frequent, and perhaps most natural.  Lantana will soon be on sale at your local nursury, and I usually get some.  To me it's a little nostalgic.  So far it is safe to have it here in Michigan.  But watch out as things warm up.  Here's where those who know me expect I will launch into a political diatribe.  But Barb always tells me I'm either preaching to the choir, or wasting my breath.  And when it comes to lantana, I suppose I would be talking at myself, and I'm not sure which side I would be on.  So we'll just enjoy the flowers.