Apr. 15, 2017


Here's another view of bluebead lily, AKA clintonia, Clinton's lily, straw lily, corn lily, yellow beadlily, yellow bluebeadlily, cow tongue, dogberry, and snakeberry.  And that's only in English.  Hence the utility of the scientific name, which remains, and probably will remain, unchanged.

Diana and Mike sent a nice image of an early marsh marigold.  They noted this site's usefulness in identifying wildflowers.  If only it could be true.  In a few more years, when we have a couple thousand images here, it will be more true.  But even then it won't be well organized for that use.  There are now very many more complete sites for plants and wildflowers, but most share the unorganized attribute.  Go Botany may be the best for identification, and will key you through successive steps to a likely identification.  Of course, technical sites like Flora of North Amrica and Michigan Flora are excellent, but only if you can navigate the technical jargon.