Apr. 19, 2017


Dr. Moerman has initiated the development of a data base of over 44,000 entries of uses of plants by native Americans.  At this link you can see the 32 entries for wild geranium. (http://naeb.brit.org/uses/search/?string=geranium+maculatum) The link will also give you access to an amazing array of data.  Find out more than you could ever imagine about your favorite plants! But don't try those things at home!  Geraniums had uses from a wash for childhood thrush by the Cherokee, to counteracting a love medicine by the Iroquois.  In between it visited just about any other part of the body.  It made sense that most of the lecture was about all the reasons plants were used that had little to do with how well they worked.  Not coincidentally, Dr. Moerman has done a lot of thinking about placebo effects.

This image is a wild geranium leaf in autumn.