Apr. 22, 2017


Paul is a wildlife enthusiast with a particular interest in reptiles.  He also operates Classroom Critters, and does terrific educational hands on classroom demonstrations.  Three or four decades ago, he was looking for the very rare Kirtland's snake near Ann Arbor.  It had been recorded at that site by Frank Blanchard, a well known herpetologist.  He didn't find the snake, but did find a good spot for spring-beauty.  Fast forward a decade or so to one of the classroom demos.  Paul met a lady named Blanchard, who turned out to be Frank's daughter.  He mentioned searching for Kirtland's at the site discovered by her father.  She responded, "Oh no!  That was my Mom, and I was with her."

In the image of the classroom demo, the frog had just jumped from my granddaughter Katie's arm to her knee.  I wonder if this had something to do with the frogs that later lived in her room for a while.  Thanks, Paul!