Apr. 24, 2017


Tomatillos look rather dramatic when their corollas reflex, as shown here.  With their swept back corolla and projecting pistil, they really look like they're going somewhere.  And they have.  They are now cultivated around the world.  It is particularly popular in India.  I found no reference to it, but I bet they're weeds in some of those other places.  If they survive along I-75, they can survive in Anaradhapura.  The reflexed corolla seems to be typical of plants in Michigan.  Some strains have the funnel shaped flowers more typical of the genus.  Wild plants, at least this far north, do not have fruit as large as those your see at the supermarket.  Next time I have a meal at El Chapulin, I'm going to try some green sauce just so I know more about this plant.  Since so many people eat these, I'll give it a try.