May. 7, 2017


Toadshades mostly grow in floodplain forests.  They often grow in large patches as shown here.  Both of the images on today's blog page were taken in April 2012.  Soon after that, there was a severe flood.  Parts of the nearby village of Blissfield were under water.  The water at the trillium site was around six feet deep.  This site survived.  Others were washed away.  But the following year, they appeared in new areas, and were as numerous as ever.

Yesterday I went looking for toadshade at a brand new nature preserve near here.  We found some, despite the fact that we're now having a less severe flood.  I'm sure there are a lot more of them there under the water.  The Michigan Nature Association's new McCulley-Bastian Nature Sanctuary will be another jewel in their wonderful collection of preserves.  Many thanks to the McCulley-Bastians for their hugely generous donation.