May. 22, 2017


Hairy angelica is obviously in the same family as Queen-Anne's-lace and all those other umbellifers.  Too obviously!  They are a challenge for this photographer.  Most have white flowers, arranged in the same radiate flat-topped flower heads.  Close or far, light differences, angles, and backgrounds, there are only so many ways to change the image.  It can be kind of boring.  Perhaps that's why it's taken this long for the second one to show up here.

While nature changes and can eliminate habitats, it can also preserve them.  This image is from an area not too far from the Detroit airport.  Soil and water conditions have made this a more challenging area for development.  Islands of natural beauty remain.  Conservation groups are now focused on the area, and doing a great job protecting and improving these habitats.  The historic versions of Lake Erie left behind some very intersting and rare habitats, stretching from Detroit to Toledo Ohio.  Conservation efforts in this area are blossoming, and well worth the attention of people in the area.  For more, see information about Blue Week in Toledo Ohio and nearby areas (