Jun. 2, 2017


Thomas Nuttall (1786-1859) was an early naturalist in America, although an Englishman.  He is responsible for many early discoveries in the United states.  In 1810 he travelled from Philadelphia to Michigan.  In 1811 he retraced much of the eastern part of Lewis and Clark's trail.  From 1834 to 1836 he went west again, retracing in part the same earlier expedition, reaching the Pacific Coast, visiting Hawaii, and winding up in San Diego.  That is where he encountered Richard Henry Dana, a student of his from Boston, and Nuttall sailed back to the east with Dana.  That trip, which transported Nuttall's specimens back to Harvard, is recorded in Dana's Two Years before the Mast.  

The image here is from a trip I made to Minnesota for my nephew Dan's wedding.  We returned to Adrian via Michigan's upper peninsula.  I hardly need to mention the many contrasts to Nuttall's travels.  But perhaps an image like this would preclude naming this plant Rubus parviflorus.