Jun. 3, 2017


6/18/13.  What a wonderful, beautiful day!  My sister, brother-in-law and I drove up Mt. Evans in Colorado.  You can drive very close to the top of this fourteener.  Near the top, Glen said whoever sees the first mountain goat gets a nickel.  I saw one almost immediately.  It turns out the mountain goats have discovered the advantages of tourists.  They were literally crowded around the parking area, mooching from the dazzled flatlanders.   I always imagine the young one in this image thinking, "You've got to be kidding, Mom."  Glen, I don't blame you for not paying up.  Seeing a mountain goat didn't turn out to be much of a challenge.  But it sure was fun.  I learned later that they are not even native to Colorado.  They were brought in from farther north for hunting.