Jun. 15, 2017


Here is the trefoil's leaf.

Tim wanted to know about my equipment.  I realize I have been avoiding the issue.  It is like being asked for the jambalaya recipe, when it came from a box.  I have a canon EOS and the standard zoom lenses, 18-55, and 55-270.  This is very basic stuff.  The good news is almost anyone can do what you've seen here without spending an arm and a leg.  The bad news is more could be done with a greater investment.  Or maybe that's good news too.  Tripods are occasional, and usually show up if I'm using my extension tubes.  Those are tubes that fit between the camera and lens, and make the focal length longer, enabling closer close ups.  Lens caps are also good, but extraordinarily hard to hang on to.  Rachel, please hang on to it until our paths cross again.  Other essentials are bug spray and a pocket knife.  Extra battieries and memory cards are good, but today's are so good backup is rarely need.  I now carry a small flashlight.  The newer lights provide a good enough light to be a clear and easily manipulated supplement to improve or redirect light sources.  Finally, I have a very light poncho, in the requisite yellow color with a blue M.  Go blue.  This protects from moisture both above a below.  All of it, except the camera, goes in a L. L. Bean fishing vest, which can also accomodate drinks and food in unusual moderation.  Finally, my new best photography friends are sticks.  The end of a split stick can steady a flower stem, and/or the flashlight, or even the camera.  Holding a stick in the finger groove on the right side of a camera helps steady it, is easily manipulated for position, but of course less steady than a tripod. And the jambalaya is good.  Thank you Zatarain.  Add the recommended meat, some frozen peas, and yum!