Jul. 15, 2017


I love a parade!  In the main image, you can see more damselflies closer to the water, following the first two into the air.  The damselflies were relatively easy to shoot.  Since they were newly emerged and expanded, they weren't prepared to get away.

Water-shield leaves are oblong and the stem is near the center, some stems  a little to the right, and some a little to the left.  The leaves have a gelatinous coating underneath.  This has anti-algal and anti-fungal properties, and also protects the plants from herbivores such as insects and snails.  It does not protect them from human use in Japan and China.  The plant is the essential ingredient in West Lake water shield soup in Hangzhou.  The main image is a first day flower, with extended pistils.  In this image, some second day flowers with extended and opened anthers can be seen.