Jul. 18, 2017


This plant is even tricky within the species.  There are large, small, and mid-size flowered plants.  For years I thought the mid-size flowers were the large ones.  Then I saw the real larger ones.  The two smaller size varieties are all the same.  The pros don't seem to be able to decide if these are all one species, or two.  If two, the smaller flowered plants are Agalinis paupercula.  Those plants are threatened in NY, and endangered in OH and PA. White flowered plants are not unusual.  The one here is the mid-size version of the smaller variety.

False foxgloves are partly parasitic.  They grow in damp openings in typically basic soil, where they fasten their roots to their neighbors and pirate nutrients.  As far as I can tell, these plants have not been used for anything.  Maybe because it's so hard to know what you've got?