Aug. 5, 2017


I've felt vaguely guilty about all the times I've barged onto private property to see wildflowers.  I had put the behavior down to artistic license.  Looking up lingonberry led me to Baltoscandia, where I found the idea of 'freedom to roam'.  The concept has great appeal.  In Europe, much of the land has historically been held in large private estates, and often restricted.  Freedom to roam is the idea that the public should have access to these natural treasures.  It has now been codified in law in a number of north European countries.  For example, the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 in Britain has made that country one of the more walking friendly countries in Europe.  In Baltoscandia (Scandanavia and the Balkans), the concept of freedom to roam is applied to freedom to gather lingonberries, and presumably the freedom to photograph.