Aug. 31, 2017


But if viewers have learned anything, it's that wordy Bob can't stop.  Or even just resort to saying it with another picture.  Or even stop with the pictures.

Smooth-stem aster is lumped together with purple-stem aster by many authorities.  It seems like there is a lot of difference between plants like this and purple-stems at the other extreme.  The problem is that there's so many intermediate plants that it's hard to draw a clear boundary.  One result is a lack of published material about S. firmum that would tell us where it grows.  The known list should probably be a lot longer.  So far this wetland species is listed for GA, IA, MI, MN, MO, NE, OH, AB, MB, ON, and SK.  Ives Fen Preserve, Lenawee Co MI, 9/16/11.