Oct. 2, 2017


Here's Johnny, up close.  There is almost necessarily a language of flowers.  Flowers have been symbolic in most languages around the world going back to early history.  Over time species have represented many things.  Gifts of flowers have been very symbolic.  They have been used to send secret messages.  And now there is an indie pop band called Language of Flowers.  But Ann, don't read too much into that last bunch of flowers.  I didn't pick them out.  On second thought, what might Richard have meant?

Along his way Johnny's collected a fun list of names, among them pansy, wild pansy, hearts-ease, heart's delight, tickle my fancy, Jack-jump-up-and-kiss-me, come and cuddle me, three faces in a hood, and love-in-idleness.  Sounds like in the language of flowers  Johnny was very romantic.