Oct. 8, 2017


A word about random selections.  Aarrgghh!!

Now the rest of the words.  This annual bluegrass was the selection for tomorrow, but I just didn't want to.  Then 1882.  Not that good an image.  601?  A beautiful alien orchid that probably hasn't really escaped in that color.  1187?  Do we really want a would be pinecone?  1571?  I don't really want to do another rarely escaped alien.  660?  I don't really want to do another one from Beal Gardens at MSU(Michigan lost).  734?  Already did that one.  1249?  Only on film.  1339?  Been there, done that.  1750?  Film.  1667?  Wait and see tomorrow!

Is this random process really random?  Help me!  Save me!  Are there really no requests out there?