Oct. 26, 2017


Yesterday I said roses are good puzzles.  I should have specified native roses, like the Rosa acicularis here.  The introduced species are a mess.  There are about 44 species of roses reported from the wild in North America north of Mexico.  About 20 of those are introduced from elsewhere.  They primarily came here as garden plants, and were often already altered from their wild state.  If you see a double-flowered rose in the wild, it is probably one of these intruders.  They also tend to interbreed, producing even more confusion.  But I will admit they're all pretty.

I say 'about' 44 and twenty.  Counting species is tricky.  They might not move very quickly, but they're hard to track anyway.  Research keeps changing species.  And they may not pull up their roots to move around, but it happens anyway.  Actually, I guess with roses we do pull up their roots.  I've got one of Michigan's rarer native roses in my yard, which some bird graciously left under a tree.  That is probably their favorite way to travel.