Oct. 27, 2017


This individual grew in a mixed patch of spotted and pale touch-me-not.  I first thought it could be a hybrid.  It turns out to be a color form of the spotted species.  Color variations are interesting in this species.  Flowers lacking spots are not unusual.  Background color commonly ranges from red-orange to almost yellow.  Rarer forms incluse this one, yellow flowers with crimson spots, and heavily pink-spotted flowers that appear pink from a distance.  I would be remiss if I didn't mention how much fum it is to touch touch-me-not seed pods, and watch them explode.  The specific name 'capensis' is for the Cape of Good Hope.  In 1775, when Nicolaas Meerburgh wrote and illustrated the book on this one, he thought it was from Africa.  He apparently never left Europe to see his subjects in their natural surroundings.  There's nothing like being there!