Oct. 31, 2017


This Viburnum grows in a couple-square-mile area north of Adrian.  It keys to downy arrow-wood, Viburnum rafinesquianum, a white flowered species.  But it is the only population of its kind with pinkish flowers that I know of.  The flowers are not fragrant.  None of my literature or web references mention pink flowers for the species.  I therefore suspect some cultivated mischief here.  Typical downy arrow-wood with entirely white flowers also grows in the area.  Perhaps the pink ones have acquired a few genes from cultivated spice viburnum or other cultivated varieties.  There are other pink flowered Asian and garden Viburnums.  The specimen I sent to the University of Michigan Herbarium labelled as V. rafinesquianum has not been corrected to anything else, so this could really be an interesting native color variation.